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Sometimes it is hard to know what the right decision is for your company, for yourself, for your family. In today’s complex world, the right answer is not always cut and dry, and it is frequently difficult to find. If you are struggling to make the right choices in your life and in your career, consider creating a personal mission statement. Companies create mission statements to help guide the direction of their business growth and development. And individuals can create mission statements to help them guide the path of their own personal lives and career paths.

Craft your Personal Mission Statement Today

1. Who Are You?

As you get started crafting a mission statement, you will need to think about who you are. This is not an easy question, and this is not an exercise that you are likely to be able to cross off your to-do list in one afternoon. Your mission statement will be a framework for making decisions and increasing your own personal accountability to who you really are as you make everyday decisions. It is important to seriously consider who you are before you can get any further in creating a mission statement.

2. What is Your Purpose?

Once you have figured out who you really are, it is time to think about what your goals are, both general and specific. What are you here to do? If you have a stronger sense of where you are going, then it helps make your path a little clearer as you navigate everyday decisions and challenges. If you have even a general sense of where you are going, it can help you to increase your personal accountability as you try to stay on course.

3. What Makes You Unique?

Both companies and individuals benefit from considering what makes them stand out from the crowd. Each person’s unique skills and talents ought to be a part of their personal mission statement, as those are some of the qualities that will best help them to fulfill their personal missions.

Once you have drafted a personal mission statement, continue to revisit it regularly to be certain that it continues to fit your needs as a short statement of guiding principles to help you best navigate your busy life each day. Just as people change over time, so should your mission statement evolve.

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Craft your Personal Mission Statement Today

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