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Maybe you have had the same job for a decade, or maybe you are hitting the pavement to find a new job. Perhaps you’re steadily moving up the career ladder at a company you love. Regardless of your employment situation, you can always use a boost in your professional presence, especially during the season of spring fever. What you may not realize is that you don’t even have to be at work to improve your professionalism in the workplace. Check out these iPhone apps to get yourself on the right track from anywhere.

Apps To Increase Professional Presence

1. HBR Tips

If you want to improve your professionalism in the workplace when you’re on the go, then you may wish to consider downloading the free HBR Tips iPhone app. Each day, you will receive an innovative business management tip from the well-respected Harvard Business Review. These easy tips may help improve your professional presence.

2. How to Tie a Tie

Did you leave the house for the big meeting without remembering to ask your spouse to help you with your tie? This free app provides step-by-step graphic instructions for how to tie your own tie in a variety of ways, from a Half Windsor to a Hanover Knot. If your tie has you tied up in knots, this app can help you on your way to a more professional presence in moments!

3. Documents Free

If you need to add to the memo you were composing from the neighborhood coffee shop, or if your co-worker needs you to approve a document while you are in the waiting room of the doctor’s office, then you might benefit from this free iPhone and iPad app which allows you to create and access documents and spreadsheets. This capability makes working from anywhere easy – just be sure to keep your work-life balance in mind!

4. WorldCard Mobile Lite

Impress your business contacts with your professional presence by pulling up any business card on your phone at any time! This free app will ensure that you are never again caught without the ability to get in touch with any of your business contacts, no matter where you are. Even the Wall Street Journal recommends this app for all business professionals.

From resume building to job searching, from web conferencing to dictating notes, chances are you can find apps to boost your professionalism in the workplace – and they might even be free! What are your favorite business apps?

Boost Your Professional Presence - From Anywhere!

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