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When the temperatures outside grow balmy and the sun is shining invitingly on fragrant flowers, when the birds are singing and the breeze is blowing, it can be very difficult to concentrate on the urgent and not-so-urgent matters crossing our desks inside.

Perhaps because of anticipating a long, leisurely summer vacation during our school days, or perhaps just because of the beauty of the spring weather after a long winter, many of us may find that our personal effectiveness tanks during this time of year. If you want to improve your own focus and drive during this time of year, then you may find it helpful to reinvest in your career development.

Career Development Tips to Beat Spring Fever

1. Learn New Skills

If you find your mind wandering from the same old task at hand, you may wish to brainstorm about new skills you could learn to accelerate your career development and improve your performance on the job. Taking a class, attending a seminar, or travelling to a conference out of town could all bring renewed excitement and interest to your work life. Your employer may even pay in part or full for such career-enhancing activities that are sure to increase your personal effectiveness.

2. Take on New Challenges

If you’ve got a bad case of spring fever, jump-start your interest in your job by taking on a new challenge. Talk to your supervisor about taking on some tasks that use your existing skills in a new way. Your career development will benefit greatly from your expanded repertoire and renewed interest. You may also find yourself more motivated to stay on task when you’re taking on new projects that put you to the test and ask you to think in a new way.

3. Get a Change of Scenery

Sometimes you can trick your brain into jump starting your personal effectiveness simply by breaking up your tasks into more manageable chunks, taking breaks between tasks, and not always working in the same space. If you occasionally take work to the break room, a bench outside, or a neighborhood coffee shop, your performance and your mood are likely to quickly improve. Gauge for yourself what will best help you to focus without further distracting you.

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Career Development Tips to Beat Spring Fever

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