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Not all big companies have trouble with talent retention. Instead, some big companies use their size to offer even better benefits to their employees rather than having their employees get lost in the shuffle. A recent CNN article details some of the more unusual perks that some well-known companies offer as a way to promote employee recognition and reward their employees for a job well done.

From free holiday food (Wegmans Food Markets) to free hotel stays (Four Seasons Hotels), the following companies have a wide-ranging approach to talent retention. By rewarding deserving employees and by getting all employees excited about coming in to work each day, these companies are making smart choices to maintain an upbeat, energetic workforce.

1. NetApp’s headquarters features a multimillion dollar fitness and exercise complex, with basketball courts, ping-pong tables, and even outdoor volleyball courts. Employees who need to clear their heads or stretch their legs can do so without straying too far from their desks. And they can even join in exercise classes and athletic competitions with their coworkers – a perk which many would see as a boon to work-life balance. (And the focus on fitness and health may keep their employees healthier and more productive as well!)

2. Schweitzer Engineering Labs offer a small educational allowance to each employee with every paycheck. This allowance can be used for anything from learning a language to taking online courses to paying off student loans to pursuing a higher degree. For talented and ambitious employees, such a program is certain to encourage talent retention.

3. takes employee recognition to the next level. Each employee is given $50 each month to give as a bonus to another employee for performing well. Each month, an employee is chosen from the pool of bonus recipients to be honored with an in-house parade, gift card, cape, and more. Hardworking employees are thus celebrated and publicly recognized, a quality which helps to improve talent retention.

Other big companies offer free lunches, onsite haircuts and eyebrow shaping, free fresh produce from onsite vegetable gardens, extended maternity leave, free foreign language classes, whitewater rafting, karaoke nights, and much more. How are you recognizing your employees and keeping them excited about your company? How are you setting your company apart?


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