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When the economy is bad and your business is in a slump, sometimes the last thing you feel ready to think about is investing money from your diminishing training budget in professional development programs for your employees, even if that would use time wisely and improve everyone’s personal effectiveness in order to gear up for a market upswing. Often, when you’re even feeling the need to cut down on indulging in a cup of gourmet coffee, the last thing you want to do is think about expensive training programs.

When you are in such a bind, it is time to turn to free professional development materials for ideas and advice. Fortunately, you can get expert advice and connect to a community of like-minded professionals with a free subscription to a professional development newsletter that will help you get back in business before you know it. You may also choose to tune in to business blogs, such as Employee Development System’s blog, for insider tips and even free professional development downloads such as leadership exercises or delegation exercises.

A professional development newsletter can give you free management development tips, and it might even inspire you with some ideas for professional development training sessions that you could develop internally and provide to employees much less expensively. Discuss the latest newsletter with your colleagues, and host a management team brainstorming session about DIY workshops on professional presence, personal effectiveness, effective communication, and the like, that you might be able to create with a combination of underutilized skills and knowledge that already exist in-house.

Management development and employee training are essential in order for your business to maintain a competitive advantage in any economic circumstances. Simply start making a commitment to the future today by subscribing to a free professional development newsletter and discussing the ideas you get with your management colleagues as well as your employees. Professional development doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective, so start today. When it is time to invest some money in professional development programs, you will be well-informed about which employee development programs will best benefit your particular business.

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