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Just as differentiated education is so important in grade school, meeting all students at their individual levels in order to bring them to higher levels, differentiated management is also important to employee achievement.

The entry-level college grad is unlikely to need to be managed in exactly the same way as a 50-year-old middle manager or a 60-year-old administrative assistant. In order to best support the career development of all of your diverse employees, you will need to see them each as individuals and manage them accordingly.

One helpful tool to help you in this management mission is online personality tests. Using such tools can give you the metrics you need to individualize your managerial inputs and maximize employee outputs. Online personality tests aid in this process because they give precisely the information that both managers and employees need to improve performance. As a result, investing in such tests serves as an investment in career development for all employees, no matter what level they are at.

Online personality tests are not only important to use for your employees – they are also an excellent tool to use for yourself. The information you gain from these tests can help you to better manage all of your employees and also to perform better in other areas of your career and life as well. Working to continue your own personal career development is a wise investment of time and money in today’s economy.

10 Ways to Focus on Career Development

1. Take continuing education courses to expand your skill sets and hone your competitive advantage.

2. Take online personality tests to discover what strengths to expand upon and what weaknesses to avoid.

3. Review previous performance reviews to pinpoint problem areas as well as accolades.

4. Maximize your organizational system to stay on top of both your work and home responsibilities.

5. Maintain work-life balance in order to show up refreshed each day, ready to perform at your maximum personal effectiveness.

6. Eat right and exercise regularly to keep yourself in good health and maximize your energy levels.

7. Give yourself a break. Know when it is time to shift gears to work on a different task or work in a different location.

8. Learn from your mistakes and strategize about how to avoid them in the future.

9. Maximize both your job skills and your managerial skills with online courses.

10. How do you focus on your career development?

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