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The latest numbers reported by CNN indicate that the economy remains on shaky ground, with no new jobs created in August and unemployment rates still high. With this kind of news, it is more important than ever to increase your personal accountability and take responsibility for your own job security. Even managers are at risk of being made redundant in this economy, so do what you can to make yourself an essential employee.

The first step is to use online personality tests to determine your strengths and weaknesses, both in your job, and in your life. The personalized results of online personality tests will help you to determine what areas to grow and expand, and what areas to work on fixing.

If you are a confrontational person, for example, you might discover that there are some problematic aspects of your managerial personality. In order to get the best possible annual reviews of your performance, you may wish to take personal accountability seriously and focus on reshaping the way that you interact with the employees you manage.

Online personality tests can be helpful in such a venture because they can offer very specific information about how you respond under pressure or how you typically act in social situations. The DISC personality test also offers specific plans of action to help you improve your performance on the job.

Part of what you will learn through your online personality tests is the importance of adaptability. Generally, there will not be a one-size-fits-all approach to managing each of your individual employees. Instead, you will learn how to most effectively manage people of very different personality styles.

With specific data about your personality in a variety of work situations and environments, you will be well equipped to take responsibility for your actions and your future job security. You will know how to modify your at-work persona and performance to be effective and indispensible to your company. You will learn how to avoid conflicts in the workplace and more effortlessly solve problems.

After putting just a small investment into online personality tests, you will experience high yields of confidence, cooperation, and success. If you are pleased with your results, you may also wish to encourage your employees to do the same thing and assess their own strengths and weaknesses on the job. With a little time spent on self-discovery, you may find that your division is suddenly the most effective in the company.

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