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Do you keep getting that dreaded white envelope in your mailbox that denies you the internal promotion you applied for? Have you risen through some of the ranks and then stalled out? Does it seem like everyone around you is moving onward and upward while you are just treading water? Do you feel unhappy in your current position? Have you considered moving to another organization because you feel as though your current boss does not value your talents enough?

Perhaps, as painful as it might be to admit it, you might actually be a part of the problem. Are you certain that you are working at your maximum personal effectiveness? Does your job performance reflect your full potential? Are you effectively demonstrating your own talents and skills each day? Do you continue to grow and develop as an employee?

If you are not certain, then the answer may be to invest in an online personality test, which is specifically designed to reveal your strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. Employee Development Systems, Inc. offers several choices of comprehensive online personality tests which can help you to pinpoint problem areas, improve your communication style, increase your teamwork, and reduce your stress at work.

Best of all, by revealing the areas that you need to work on as well as the areas of your work persona that are strong, you are much more likely to improve your personal effectiveness and win that promotion than if you simply continued to try harder at work on your own without knowing for certain what areas might need work.

For a small investment, you will take an online personality test which offers detailed, customized reports to leave you in much better standing to receive a promotion and even increase your take-home income.

Or if you feel that you need an even bigger career boost, you may wish to consider the companion course entitled Increasing Personal Effectiveness. This course will not only help you to discover your strengths and weaknesses, it will help you to become more aware of your own behaviors and how to improve them. Over time, you will learn how to incorporate more effective habits into your daily work life.

If you feel that your co-workers might also benefit from such a program, then you might even be able to convince your boss to pay for personality tests or training courses rather than making the investment yourself.

Get That Promotion With an Online Personality Test

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