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Today’s workplace can be a scary place for some employees, even for workers who are higher on the corporate ladder, such as managers. The lingering economic crisis means a lack of job security for many people. This feeling of fear can sometimes affect job performance.

As a manager, you should know that your employees will be more invested in their jobs if they are being treated right and taken care of. They are more likely to be healthy and ready for work each day if they are not worried about the cost of going to the doctor. And they are also more likely to be invested in the company if they feel like they have the security of benefits such as life insurance and health insurance. As a result, it is important to challenge the status quo and bargain for better benefits for yourself and your employees.

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Why? Well, the status quo is that almost 50 million Americans live without health insurance, according to a recent CNN Money report. As a result, even if they are employed, many of these Americans are unable to take care of basic needs in their lives, which in turn makes it difficult for them to give 100 percent to their jobs. CNN quotes Elise Gould of Washington’s Economic Policy Institute as follows:

“As the job market remains weak, Americans can no longer depend on their workplace for consistent affordable coverage.”

One of the largest demographics of employees who cannot depend on their job to provide insurance is young adults, who will be our future leaders but who today struggle to make ends meet. The last five years has shown a 20 percent increase in bankruptcy filings for college graduates who are adversely affected by today’s economic climate. As a result of this trend, studies show that average household income is down and the poverty rate is up, especially in America’s South.

A Personal Effectiveness Solution

In this climate, it is especially important to challenge the status quo. A feeling of security is more important than ever to job performance. Employees who are worried about meeting the most basic needs are less likely to demonstrate personal effectiveness in the workplace. It shouldn’t be a surprise that happier, more confident employees have better job performance. If you notice the spirit lagging in your office, talk to your supervisor about supplementing the standard company benefits package to increase the security and personal effectiveness of all of your employees.

Better Benefits Mean Better Personal Effectiveness

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