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Fall is quickly approaching, which means it is back-to-school time for all of the students in your life. If you have children, you are probably very familiar with the fall rituals: buying new pencils and notebooks, picking up class schedules and reading lists, coordinating carpools and extracurricular activities.

Even though your days of being a full-time student are over, you can still take advantage of back-to-school season to renew your commitment to workplace learning and development. Take on a new challenge or adopt a positive habit, and keep pushing yourself to be a better leader at work.


5 Ways to Put Employee Development in Your Planner

1. Don’t pay a dime.

You can gain knowledge without spending any money by taking advantage of EDSI’s free online resources. Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter and subscribe to our blog to receive helpful tips, resources and news to advance your career. Learning and development is just a click away!

2. Be a bookworm.

Use your lunch hour or evening downtime to get lost in a good book (that’s good for your career). Check out Suzanne Updegraff’s new book, “GPS for Success,” that outlines how successful leaders leverage professionalism, as well as our recommended leadership and management reading lists.

3. Get back in the classroom.

Have you been meaning to take a class to improve your computer skills or a training course to improve your management style? There is no time like the present, so stop procrastinating and register for a class that supports your employee development. Local universities, junior colleges and community centers often offer night classes for professionals, and EDSI also has a wide array of training and development courses that are applicable to diverse workplaces.

4. Join a club.

If you need help staying motivated with your learning and development goals, join a professional club or association related to your interests. It is a good place to network and meet potential professional associates and mentors. The structure of regular meetings and events, as well as the positive peer pressure from other members, will keep you committed and focused.

5. Set personal goals.

Determine what you want to accomplish this “school year” and set concrete goals with deadlines. Write them down, formulate a plan and tell others who will keep you accountable. The more you challenge yourself, the more you will learn!

How do you plan on making employee development a priority this fall?

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