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There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” ideal work environment. Every individual is looking for different qualities and characteristics to fit his or her own needs. For one person, the perfect workplace may be structured, organized and transparent. For another, it might be flexible, creative and supportive.

What does your perfect work environment look like? What brings out your strengths, takes advantage of your skills and gives you opportunities for leadership and employee development? Because it can be challenging to pinpoint what exactly you need to be engaged and successful at work, an online personality test is a valuable tool to guide you in this process. The DISC assessment only takes a few minutes to complete, but it gives you a detailed report of your motivations, your patterns and your needs on the job.

Meeting Your Workplace Needs With an Online Personality Test

Imagine that you manage a small team of people in a start-up company. The company is doing well and growing quickly, so your days are busy and you enjoy the work you are doing. You like that no day is ever exactly the same as the one before, and this variety in tasks and projects keeps you engaged and motivated. You have many opportunities to work with other people, and creativity, collaboration and teamwork are all encouraged in the company culture.

Your immediate supervisor has been promoted and senior management is considering moving you up to be her replacement. You are excited at the prospect of more responsibility, new employee development opportunities and a raise, but you are worried about the day-to-day requirements of the job. You can’t quite put your finger on the exact reasons, but you have concerns about the new position.

An online personality test would be extremely helpful in this situation. By taking the DISC assessment, you would have to answer questions about your work style, behavior tendencies and personal preferences. The results of the test would illuminate some of your concerns about the possible change in your work environment and give you talking points to discuss with leadership.

For example, the online personality test might tell you that you work best in an environment that gives you freedom to interact with others and express your ideas in a collaborative way. You might also learn that you need a diversity of tasks and projects to challenge your critical thinking skills and creativity. You may be concerned that the new supervisory role would be too solitary or repetitive to keep you engaged, and the results of the DISC assessment could help you address these fears with management and find a solution everyone is happy with.

Meeting Your Workplace Needs With an Online Personality Test 

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