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Challenge the Status Quo and Go Greener in the WorkplaceIf you are looking for a competitive advantage to propel your business forward in today’s shaky economy, then one strong solution is to transform your business into a green business. Indeed, green is the new black. Get your employees excited about being leaders and inspiring the rest of the company to challenge the status quo and go green.

Despite the recession, many environmentally responsible companies are experiencing strong growth and high profits, as consumers increasingly care about protecting the planet. Many conservation methods will also reduce your utility costs while increasing your value to eco-conscious consumers. You can join in. Here are a few tips to get you started.

10 Green Business Tips

1. Don’t throw away any more intra office memos. Instead, start an internal company recycling program to better manage your business’s waste.

2. Save electricity by gradually shifting to fluorescent rather than incandescent bulbs, and encourage your employees to turn off their lights and computers when they are out of the office.

3. As large appliances in the office break or reach the end of their lifespan, recycle the old version and replace them with more efficient models.

4. Brainstorm with your employees about how to offer a more environmentally friendly product or service than your close competitors.

5. Encourage employees to carpool, use public transportation, walk, or bike to get to work each day. Set up an internal rideshare website to help facilitate this change.

6. Give your employees a reusable cup or mug with the company logo for them to use and refill in place of plastic water bottles, which are typically only recycled at a very low rate.

7. Offer a brown bag lunch series that will educate and inspire employees with ideas about different ways that they can go green in their own homes.

8. Advocate for the purchase of (or rental of) fuel-efficient vehicles for the company fleet or for company travel.

9. Purchase environmentally friendly office supplies, such as recycled paper, recyclable plastic, and eco-friendly ink.

10. Start to use your green business policies in your marketing and advertising campaigns.

With a little foresight, you can gradually challenge the status quo in your industry with your eco-friendly business practices. Involve your employees in the transformation, and get them excited about leading the changes within your department and within the company as a whole.



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