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Your team at work — the employees you depend on to make sure everything runs smoothly — is made up of people with many different personality types and work styles. A team is not static; on the contrary, it constantly changes and evolves.

As a manager, you must keep your finger on the pulse of the team to make sure everyone is working together well and moving toward common goals. Workplace team building is an ongoing process, not a once-a-year event, and by devoting energy to it gradually over time, you will reap the benefits of a happy and effective team.

Team Building Skills Every Manager Should Have

Communicate purpose.

A strong team is able to unite to work for a shared mission, but to do so, the team must understand and commit to the mission itself. Your role as a manager is to communicate goals and measures of success, as well as each team member’s part in the process. Clarity is essential for workplace team building. When was the last time you checked in with your employees about overall objectives and outcomes? What has changed since then? Does every person know what her role is? Is everyone receiving the support she needs?

Expect accountability.

When you clearly outline what you expect from your employees, their commitment and performance should meet your standards. If you aren’t satisfied with the work of one of your employees, address the problem before it gets bigger and causes issues within the team. One of the most important team building skills is ensuring that each team member is doing his share of the work. What is the source of the problem? Does he have the resources, knowledge and skills he needs to perform his role? Is he taking responsibility for his work and seeking help when he needs it? Are you giving him regular feedback?

Encourage smart collaboration.

Workplace team building depends on how well individuals are able to work together. Pay attention to the personality styles, strengths and weaknesses of all of your employees, and consider using an online personality test to help you determine which people would complement each other best as work partners.

Look for improvement.

Examine your own performance as a leader, as well as the work of your employees, to determine ways you can strengthen your team. What do you do well as a team? What can you work on?

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