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To be a effective in the workplace, you must be able to work with a wide variety of people, who may have styles of behavior and communication that are different from your own. A strong leader learns to develop his or her adaptability to meet the needs of each situation or relationship.

You can discover more about your own communication style strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of your colleagues and employees, by taking an online personality test, such as the DISCself assessment.

What is adaptability?

Adaptability is your willingness and ability to tailor your personal patterns, habits and attitudes to complement a certain interaction, while still meeting your own needs.

For example, imagine you have an employee who is an excellent team player who has strong collaboration, mentoring and communication skills but needs structure and organizational support. She listens well, works hard and is motivated to get the job done. You know she is curious and always looking to learn new skills, so you dedicate time to coach her in her areas of interest and offer leadership development and training opportunities. You also know she sometimes struggles with time management, so you set clear goals and deadlines and support her with regular check-ins. Because you are adaptable enough to adjust your management style to fit her style, she is able to thrive and do what she does best and you are able to maximize her potential as an employee.

How does an online personality test improve adaptability?

An online personality test can help you identify the qualities and behavior patterns of each member of your team. You will gain insight into what makes your employees tick, and you will receive a detailed list of:

  • Their strengths and struggles
  • What they need to be successful
  • What motivates them
  • What environments and work preferences work best for them
  • Tips on how to communicate best with them

You will learn how to recognize different types of behavior styles and modify your management profile to treat people the way they want to be treated. The online personality test will help you manage your adaptability to find the right balance for any situation so you are a credible, understanding, reasonable and tactful leader.

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