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Recent research and business trends indicate that meaning is the new money. Employees are seeking useful, progressive self-development and career resources and employers are seeking cost-effective ways to support the career development of their top talent. Employee Development Systems, Inc. supports this trend by offering a management development newsletter that distinguishes itself from its counterparts through a format that stimulates active learning and engagement.

Denver, CO. – The Performance Report is a management development tool that utilizes the email newsletter format, but increases its effectiveness by integrating printable Action Steps, allowing the reader to make immediate use of the information learned. Learning research shows that newly acquired information is crystallized through active replaying and reframing of new information. The Performance Report accomplishes this with the action items that are included in each article. Group exercises also are provided, in order to give readers the opportunity to share their learning with other team members or colleagues.

A recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management indicates that 67% of employers are increasing expectations of employee productivity in the next year.  Simultaneously, fewer companies are planning to allocate the same or increased budgets on training and employee development in 2011. While industry acknowledges that human capital is a vastly underutilized asset in their organizations, they are struggling with ways to tap into that asset, without also burdening already strained training budgets.

According to Suzanne Updegraff, President of Employee Development Systems, Inc., “There are essentially three types of assets all companies draw on in order to succeed: people, capital, and technology. All are valuable, but people are the critical component to success. They drive capital growth and technical expansion. The truth is, a company’s workforce needs care and attention to stay effective and consistently perform at a high level.”

The Performance Report was designed by Employee Development Systems. Inc. to provide the adult learning community and the business community at large with a resource for alleviating these tensions and engaging the workforce in the career development activities that will take their productivity and performance to the next level.

The ability to perform well in a work setting that employs extended collaboration, shorter timelines and higher expectations has become the norm, making self-directed improvement programs invaluable.  As was recently mentioned in the Harvard Business Review Magazine, “From the world’s poorest communities to the corner offices of its largest corporations, ambitious employees struggle with the same basic challenge: how to gain the strength and insights not just to manage but to lead.” Now employees will have a tool to help them attain the leadership acumen they need.

Employee Development Systems, Inc. is excited about the opportunity to provide this personal and career development tool, and will be adding the complimentary eBook, Maximizing Human Potential, Tips to Foster Personal Effectiveness to everyone who signs up for The Performance Report.

Readers are encouraged to download the eBook, Maximizing Human Potential, Tips to Foster Personal Effectiveness, written by Suzanne Updegraff, President of Employee Development Systems, Inc., when they sign up for The Performance Report, and view the most recent professional development videocast, in order to begin taking advantage of the untapped potential in themselves and their team. To learn more about the personal and organizational benefits of maximizing human potential through professional training programs and related services, please contact Sherm Updegraff, Managing Director, Employee Development Systems, Inc. at 800-282-3374, or visit

About Employee Development Systems, Inc.

Employee Development Systems, Inc. is a Colorado-based professional development firm that was founded in 1979 and offers employee development, management development, leadership and professionalism courses and accompanying behavioral style assessments, surveys and other tools. Employee Development Systems, Inc. provides services worldwide to Fortune 500 clients as well as small to medium-sized businesses.

The organization’s mission is to enhance the interpersonal skills needed to perform at a more productive level, to develop a workforce that adapts to change, and is creative and innovative and to make the client organization the employer of choice. This is accomplished through establishing trust, building relationships and fostering behavioral change. Employee Development Systems, Inc. training and development initiatives address employee engagement, multiple generations in the workplace and the ramifications of social media and collaboration.

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