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At times, staff development efforts can get stalled out. Reframe the way you think about this important catalyst for retaining staff, conflict resolution,  and improving productivity.

  • Utilize self-appraisal. Start your process by asking the employee to appraise him or herself.  An online personality test might be the best place to start. Development proceeds best when it is based on self-appraisal. Self-criticism is a great motivator! Provide feedback on performance. Adults want to know how they are doing.
  • We grow as long as we are green. Translation? Keep people stretching and striving by introducing new ways they can do their jobs and giving them goals that teeter on the edge of their ability and skill set all the while, increasing personal effectiveness.
  • Don’t spoon-feed employee development. Individuals are responsible for themselves, so provide the:  stimulation, encouragement, interest, support, and organizational resources and other employee engagement ideas.
  • People are individuals.  Treat them that way!  Create individualized development plans that take into account strengths and challenges of each person.  Afterall, one size does not fit all!

How do you promote staff development?  Consider Increasing Personal Effectiveness as a foundational course for your talent development curriculum.

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