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What are your professional resolutions for the upcoming year? If you have not yet taken the time to map out your goals and make a performance improvement plan for 2011, now is the perfect opportunity.

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Highlights from 2010’s Professional Development Newsletter Issues

December 15

“Manage Across Generations”: Learn how to give your team members the support and guidance they need to improve their performance, no matter what their age.


Give boomers credit for their historical memory and bank of experiences. Coach them in their goals and challenge them to grow in their skills and career by providing guidelines for improvement.

Generation Y

Establish yourself as a “teacher” versus a traditional “manager” for your Gen Y employees. Give ongoing feedback that is toggled with ways to immediately improve.

August 15

An interview with Neal Schaeffer, president of Windmills Marketing: Use social media marketing to communicate and build strong connections with your target audience.

“Remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about people. Social media was not created for businesses, so businesses need to get used to that. It’s important to get people to start talking about your product or service. You are playing on consumers’ turf.”

May 1

“Leverage Stress for Success”: When your job becomes overwhelming and stressful, follow these simple steps for keeping your cool and moving forward productively.

Make better decisions by accepting 100% responsibility for yourself and for everything that happens from this minute forward. Refuse to blame anyone for anything. Your mind will become clear as soon as the anger and blame dissipates, and clarity of thought leads to clarity of purpose.

February 15

“Create a Learning Organization”: Nurture a collective desire to learn and improve within your organization.

Building shared vision is essential to garnering commitment. Improve your chances by being willing to take a stand for the guiding ideas they consider important. Bind people together by creating a shared vision, purpose and values.

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