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With unemployment remaining stubbornly high, foreclosures continuing to rise, and the global recession continuing, it is no wonder that workforce morale is low.  However, couple that with a survey that was released last week stating that 26% of people say they find happiness and fulfillment in their job.

With low morale and lack of job satisfaction, this is the perfect recipe for decreasing productivity at a time when organizations cannot withstand hits to the bottomline.  A possible solution lies in the area of employee development and management training courses and an understanding of both business challenges and the drivers for the various generations in the workforce.

Ramp up manager training and require participants to bring specific business problems to class and with a collaborative effort have the participants create a plan to address the challenge and require execution of those plans after training. Involvement and successful execution will enhance fulfillment from tangible results.  The proven manager will involve all of the members of the team to increase morale and enhance their fulfillment as well.

Communications skills training is an excellent way to startCommunicating to Manage Performance is an excellent course for managers.

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