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This headline for an article in the Houston Chronicle on June 9, 2010, caught my attention  How can this be when the Gallup Underemployment rate reported on June 3, 2010, is still a whopping 19.1%?  Some are leaving for new jobs, but most have no firm offers.

Many stayed in jobs during the recession out of fear, which is never a good reason from an employer’s standpoint.  As morale fell and productivity rose many overworked employees will jump at the chance to leave unless their organization provides employee development courses and management training courses and an ongoing curricuum to demonstrate the investment in human capital..  In fact, many are prediciting a mass exodus of the top performers as the economy starts to turn around and the talent retention problem will grow..

“About 25 percent of companies’ top performers said they plan to leave their current job within a year, according to a survey published in the May edition of the Harvard Business Review.”  This could have a devastating effect to the bottomline of many companies.

One of the key ways to retain talent is to provide talent development and management training opportunities on a continuous basis which demonstrates to the employees that the employer has an interest in their career development plans.  Much less expensive than recruiting, hiring and traing new talent plus the lost opportunity costs.

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