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Every organization has its own culture and set of values. These core values represent the mission, goals and vision of your organization and employees, and they should be revisited and revised every few years. Carefully selecting the right values will put you on track to creating a productive and happy workplace, as well as giving your customers or clients the best possible service.


Identify your organizational values as a team, and if necessary, make adjustments to behaviors and policies so that they align properly with your new vision. Leading with credibility and demonstrating your core values through actions as well as words is the key to success.


Identify Core Values


  • As a leadership team, discuss the qualities you believe are at the heart of your organization. Does your top-notch personal care for clients make you stand out? Do you pride yourselves on being creative innovators in your field?


  • From this discussion, come to a consensus and narrow down your list to fewer than 10 one-word values that best represent your organization. For example: integrity, accountability, teamwork, excellence, innovation, service and respect.


  • Determine specific actions the leadership team can put these values into action and gain the support of the rest of the staff. Communicate the values by posting them in prominent places throughout the workplace and leading with credibility.


Demonstrate Values Through Actions


  • Make core values an integral part of all training or employee development courses. In team meetings or training sessions, find ways to use real-life examples to illustrate the values.


  • Provide recognition for team members who are effectively demonstrating core values. Give feedback on values in employee evaluations, and ask for anonymous ratings on how the leadership team is representing organizational values.


  • Consult values when considering hiring, firing or promoting people within your organization.


  • Ensure core values line up with your organization’s short-term and long-term goals. If you find you are not leading with credibility through your goals, readjust them until you feel confident in them.


Learn more about demonstrating organizational values through the Leading With Credibility  course.

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