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Nothing speaks more about a dominant personality than a person in  a power suit.  Don’t you wish you could predict the future?  visit With a little help from the online personality test, you can really begin to understand yourself, get the most out of any situation, an start to act with true confidence around others.

Let’s say your primary behavioral style is D or dominant.  You want to get things done.  It’s your way or no way.  You work efficiently and impressively by yourself.  The disc online test would symbolize you as a leader with authority.

However you must be aware of your weaknesses.  You are no doubt impatient and stubborn.  You likely have a low tolerance for the feelings and attitudes of others.  Management training courses can provide the skill sets to mitigate these shortcomings.

As a D, you no doubt use the left brain more than the right and with your need for control, this explains always focusing on the bottom line.  Keep in mind that repetitive communications skills training can help re-wire the way you respond to the I’s, S’s, and C’s to get the result you want.

D’s typically have a short temper fuse and may yell or even rant when trying to get something from others.  Not good.  Take a deep breath.

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