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Personal accountability is lacking in the workplace.  Is it really easier to play the “blame game”? If the talent cycle – from recruitment through succession planning involves employee development with an accountability-based organization as a goal, it can be achieved.  Specific attributes of this type of culture:

1.   Management at all levels set clear and concise expectations with specific goals for each task.  The consequences of non-attainment are also set forth so that all reports know what they are accountable for and they know how their task results will be measured.  This sounds difficult at first, but if accountability is the focus this culture is more disciplined and process oriented, then communicating to manage performance can be attained.

2.   Organizations value critical thinking visit site and innovation, but they must establish decision-making authority.  The buck stops here for you and Joe has it to the next line of demarcation.  If I know my limits, I can be creative inside the lines.

3.   Employees want to feel valued, but they also want to know that they will be offered development opportunities which will help them achieve personal accountability and thus career advancement.

4.   Personal goals align with overall strategy of the organization.

It’s analogous to a compass.  If you know what direction the company is going, the direction you are going, and what is expected along the way, you will achieve positive results.

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