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Google the word leadership today and the results are 185 million.  Obviously, a hot topic as we look around, since true world leaders and capitalist leaders are in short supply.  A Wall Street Journal article published on August 2, 2010 and  entitled Leadership Training Gains Urgency Amid Stronger Economy stresses the need to lay the foundation with employee development training, and management training courses and layer in leadership skills for the incoming workforce as the boomers retire.

In this article, the Amway spokesperson says: “It’s easier and cheaper to build someone into a leader from within.  As the workforce rapidly changes, The Rockwell Collins spokesperson opines: “We need to have a leadership pipeline now.”

Since leadership training is such a current topic and a pressing need, over the course of many postings, we will endeavor to explore many different types of effective leadership approaches.  Today, we will examine the Pioneering approach.  Pioneers go where others don’t, to find new opportunites to innovate and grow.  They encourage those within their group to stretch the boundaries to find new ways of doing things.  They encourage others to take bold action – to bend the horizon.

EDSI offers many leadership training resources.

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