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Smokestack America and employee accountability has changed as we have moved from the ‘how many pieces today’ of the Industrial Age. In the United States today, society is deeply divided and this appears in the workplace as well.  No it’s not political, it’s about a work ethic.  How many workers are merely putting in the time, doing enough to get buy and collecting a paycheck? Even with underemployment rates at near record levels, numerous surveys show that 50 -80% of employees are disengaged and 60% will switch jobs when the economy improves, so much for talent retention.  They certainly are not adding value with critical thinking or innovative ideas.  What will it take to price of cialis in mexico get employee engagement levels higher and thinking of ways to improve a process or a project?  I read recently of a company with about 240 employees that at the request of the employees, started a corporate university so that they could keep their company competitive and improve career development.  This all started from a luncheon motivational speaker on achieving success. Bend the horizon and become accountable to your personal development and to improving your employer.  Management training courses must emphasize communications skills training, critical thinking, and personal accountability. If you want to explore ways to improve performance, request our free catalog.

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