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Enron comes to mind as a company whose culture was based upon deals and deception, but not its people.  In general, the single largest expense for a company is the workforce and to create a culture of employee accountability, organizations must have career development plans in place with management training courses that emphasize personal accountability.  Many organizations pay lip service that this is their most important asses, but one of the first line items cut when the economy turns down is training and development.  When the economy is down, do you quit maintaining machinery and computers?  No, but the employees who are expected to do more with less are not maintained with employee professional development.   The 2010 Global Workforce Study viagra india form Towers Watson:

The Great Recession has caused a turning point in the employee/employer/organization relationship.

*    Fostering self-relaince on the part of employees.

*    Creating a more personalized work experience for segments of the workforce, aligned with how people add value to the business.

*      Strengthening agility and flexibility in the organization’s structure, processes, management style and delivery of workplace programs.

Organizations that provide an open and collaborative platform for employees and professional development opportunities will outperform those that are closed.

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