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Personality assessments or behavioral assessments are the starting point to defining an individual’s personal traits and behaviors.  Knowing why we demonstrate certain behaviors is like ‘reading a mind.’   If I know my preferred behavioral style and that of another person, I can adapt my style to be compatible and achieve the desired outcome.

Today’s knowledge culture has more than 20 different models of behavioral assessments.  However, the common thread is they group behavior into four categories.    The D I S C is one of the more widely used models and stands for Dominanance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiouness.  Nearly all management training courses and leadership training rely upon a behavioral assessment to determine the primary characterstics of the leader and how they react to situations and other styles.

The online personality test is the first step to gaining that valuable understanding of your predominant style.

If the disc personality test online reveals that D is the predominant style, you may recognize some behaviors like take charge of people and situations to achieve goals. They want to win and generally think that ” lead, follow, or get out of the way” is their guiding principle.  They want to win and may challenge people and rules.  They also accept challenges, take authority, and are great problem solvers.

Characteristics to identify D‘s are decisive, assertive, direct, fast-paced, impatient, self-starter, and competitive.

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