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The headlines speak daily about layoffs.  Job security is a thing of the past.  Career advancement becomes even harder because everyone is doing more with less.  The days of frequent promotions are a thing of the past.  What can you do to survive and perhaps even thrive.

1.   Don’t hide behind your computer.  Speak up in meetings, take the initiative to volunteer for difficult projects that co-workers avoid.  Personal accountability means stepping up your visibility and taking advantage of any employee development opportunities that your organization offers.  Come in early and stay late.  Be proactive, not reactive.

2.   Become needed.  You should be the go-to-guy or gal that everyone can rely upon to do a job task efficiently and correctly.  Do you add value to the equation? Results speak louder than words.  If you can think of a better way to do something, take the initiative and do it to demonstrate your value.

3.   Be a team player.  Build upon existing relationships and build new ones.  Show that you can collaborate and play in the sandbox nicely and productively.  It nevers hurts to have allies in tough economic times.

4.   Work on you.  Take management training courses and behavioral assessments to improve and enhance your skill sets.  If you always appear to be learning new things and are engaged, it will only cialis5mgbestprice enhance your professional presence.

5,   Know, understand and use social media networking to your professional advantage.  Post only meaningful and useful information.  Avoiding trivial and drivel will show your mastery of these tools.

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