Credibility is a leader’s currency. Credibility creates a climate of the leader being believable, worthy of respect and able to be trusted. Credibility paves the way to inspiration, motivation, and influence. Credibility achieves results.

Leadership ManagementThe EDSI Leading with Credibility program is a course guides leaders in enhancing their skills. They learn to choose credibility as the core of their leadership direction and mission. At last count, there were over 7,000 management books listed on With all the variety, the business leaders, and their widely varying philosophies, most of them have one thing in common. They all value one thing–credibility. Credibility defines leadership success, and it is the one essential ingredient that can topple a leader from the height of power when it is lost.

Above all else, the majority of the working population wants to:
•     Believe in the leaders they follow
•     Trust what leaders say
•     Connect a match between the leaders’ words and behaviors
•     Feel that leaders have personal passion about their direction
•     Feel confident that the leaders being followed have a full complement of knowledge & skills
Leading with CredibilityLeading with Credibility Course


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