Assertive CommunicationAssertiveness is not a quality employees acquire by simply being told that they have more authority or that they should be assertive. It is a quality acquired through a change in mental attitude about oneself and about being assertive. The Assertive Communication course is a one-day program that helps employees change their thoughts and then their behaviors in order to initiate assertive communication, offer suggestions, solve problems, and in general communicate more effectively. In this program, participants learn to:

  • Understand behaviors and results of assertive, nonassertive, and aggressive communication
  • Identify self-limiting thoughts and counter those thoughts to facilitate assertive behavior
  • Communicate feedback or preferences clearly and openly
  • Use assertive “I-statements” to keep communication open and avoid defensiveness
  • Use empathic/assertive statements to demonstrate listening
  • Follow a 3-step model to request a change in another’s behavior

Participants learn to foster employee involvement in problem-solving; develop a habit of being proactive, communicate effectively with coworkers, managers, and customers; develop and improve cost-effective organizational processes; and identifying self-limiting thoughts and counter those thoughts to facilitate assertive behavior.

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