4 Ways to Consider the Value of Difficult People

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Consider the value of difficult people when you adjust your personal perspective toward them. In an ideal world, you always get to pick ideal candidates when building your team. In the real world, this is not the case. Rather, you either inherit your team, or discover the reality after they come on board. You get… Read more »

Your Social Brand is a Career Tool

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Social media is transforming business as we know it. This applies to businesses large and small, and to brands – corporate and personal. At Employee Development Systems, Inc., helping employees of every generation raise their awareness of accountability and professionalism lie at the core of our mission. We’ve entered the age of influence. As it relates… Read more »

Two Rules to Create Peak Performance in Your Team

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As a leader, you probably already discovered that while your specialty skills provide a foundation for your career,  leadership skills come into play every.  How do you keep your employees motivated and enjoying their jobs every day? The Key to Creating Peak Performance at Work The key to creating an organization with employees, who willingly… Read more »

Create a Productive Learning Environment for Everyone

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How do Millennials learn best? How abut Generation Xers? Our learning priorities and methods shift according to generation, but there are some essentials that will help everyone have a productive learning experience. Start with these tips to ensure that your programs are stimulating and help people draw connections in unique ways that aid in their… Read more »

Feedback Hacks for the New Year

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Without a doubt, knowing how to give constructive feedback is a cornerstone of increasing your overall personal effectiveness. Following these simple steps ensures your feedback is well received and encourages development. Remember, feedback should be an ongoing part of developing your employees. Don’t wait until an annual review to give your team members the tools… Read more »

Capitalizing on Your Core Skills: Critical Listening

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We all interface with a variety of messages every day. But who are those messages for? Are they intended to help the communicator or the receiver? Critical listening can be learned with practice but is not necessarily easy to do. You may be an expert at discerning when messages contain accurate information, are biased toward… Read more »

This Is How to Make Your Team More Effective

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Successful leaders have learned the art of managing success in their own lives. The base of their success usually lies in their personal accountability. That starts with self-accountability!  Those accountability skills can be applied to shaping, coaching and guiding success in others. Effective leaders are characterized by the way in which they help their teams… Read more »

This One Skill Will Increase Team Productivity Today!

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“The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest.” – Albert Einstein Communicating to Manage Performance & taking ownership of your behavior are key strengths in developing and cultivating a culture of continuous improvement. Inspiring each and every employee – specifically those closest to the front line – to find ways to increase effectiveness,… Read more »

How Successful People Find More Time in Their Day

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Successful people tend to follow an early morning routine. Using the early morning time to get ahead on your personal and career goals will instantly give you an extra 2 hours per day that most people spend sleeping or mindlessly drinking coffee while watching television. Once your day gets rolling, you are working down your… Read more »