Employee Strengths

Increasing Personal AccountabilityThe latest numbers reported by CNN indicate that the economy remains on shaky ground, with no net growth in new jobs created in August and unemployment rates still high. With this kind of news, it is more important than ever to increase your personal accountability and take responsibility for your own job security. Even managers are at risk of being made redundant in this economy, so do what you can to make yourself an essential employee.

The first step is to use online personality tests to determine your strengths and weaknesses, both in your job and in your life. The personalized results you’ll receive from these online personality tests will help you to determine what skills you need to grow and expand, and what areas you need to work on fixing.

For example, if you are a confrontational person, you might discover that this creates some problems for you as a manager.  To get the best possible annual performance reviews, you may wish to focus on taking the steps necessary to reshape the way you interact with the employees you manage.


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