1. How To Fast Track Increased Productivity & Effectiveness in Your WorkplaceReframe Productivity as a Path to Freedom

Introduce the idea of how increased productivity is really a conversation about clarifying priorities and letting go of tasks and projects that are out of line with the organization and department goals.

  1. Re-asses Workload According to Actual Priorities

It sounds obvious, but increased productivity begins with clarifying priorities and comparing them to current tasks.

  1. Foster a Supportive Network

Ask where members have a bottleneck, and a few hours of help would make a major difference in output. Find another member who can give them those hours.

  1. Have Stand-Only Meetings & Train Staff to Effectively Use To-Do Lists

Start by having two very short meetings, and make them stand-only meetings. This naturally keeps everyone focused on getting things done, not waxing on about the stresses of their jobs or work relationships. Show your team that you care as much about productivity as you say you do, by assembling one email with a paragraph by each team member, giving status and requesting help.

What is the best to-do list? The main point is to ensure that the top priorities on everyone’s list matches the top priorities of the department and the organization.