Human Energy Crisis At WorkThere’s a human energy crisis in business today.  Every employee is under constant pressure to perform as we are being asked to do more with less–to be more productive, effective, and to reach greater levels of profitability.

This is causing a steady deterioration process for many employees as the demand on our energy far exceeds our supply leading to fatigue which, among other things, makes us irritable and uncommunicative at home and at work. Our behavior then negatively affects our family relationships and we begin to resent work. The cycle continues and our engagement level at work falters and becomes progressively worse. Managers are trying to find new ways to successfully communicate and manage performance.

Eventually, we find ourselves at a toxic level of disengagement, becoming an all too common scenario. To meet the increasing demands, many individuals sacrifice their health, family, and personal happiness. The most critical resource we have as human beings is our energy, and most of us fail to manage it effectively. At Employee Development Systems, we partner with organizations to resolve these issues and help workplaces become positive, innovative. Most of all, it increases their ability to compete and succeed in their market!

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