Professional Presence in a Casual WorldProfessionalism has several definitions.

Webster defines it as the conduct, aims or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person. Other references describe it as the competence or skill expected of a professional and the key to quality and efficiency.

Every one of us knows someone who personifies the definition of a professional. It’s evident the moment they enter a conference room or step into your office. Your first impression is their physical appearance—always appropriately groomed and attired for the occasion. Their carrying cases for papers and electronics are understated. Their tone of voice is calm, and they communicate in positive, authentic and assertive ways.

You have a specific identity, whether by design or default.  Your “professional presence”—or your lack of it—is the sum of the qualities that others perceive in you.  It has a powerful impact on whether your individual contributions positively or negatively impact the goals, mission and vision of your organization.

When others interact with you, you need to be certain they get a true picture of your core values, skill sets and competencies.


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