In reality, bringing a bit of creativity into business can be the secret to success. Each generation values the power of bringing a bit of creativity into the office.

Taking a few minutes a day or a week from your desk to create a mind map of ideas can help boost your brain power!

New ideas can come from anywhere at any time. That ‘eureka’ moment is often not as a result of hard thought and pondering, but a stroke of luck.

Getting creative is guaranteed to make things more fun! The standard 9-5 routine can become mundane and routine.  Mixing it up can improve staff morale and foster creative problem solving.

Employer branding is all the rage; with 56% of talent acquisition leaders saying that employer brand is one of the top priorities for their organization. Top employers such as Google and Facebook are giving their employees more space to be creative.

Creativity is your friend. Use it to drive innovation and idea generation, create a more fun and engaging environment. Use it as a tool to attract the next generation of employees.

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