Challenging the Status Quo for Continuous Improvement

Organizations that want to achieve better quality, lower costs, or greater efficiency need employees who are willing and able to look at their day-to-day routines—and look beyond them—to identify new and different approaches.

Managers who want employees to be empowered must give those employees the confidence and skills they need to assume an active, involved role in the workplace.

Challenging the Status Quo” meets this critical competitive need by showing participants how to develop and present their ideas safely and effectively.  It can be tailored to an organization’s overall needs, or it can focus on specific areas such as quality, safety, delivery of products or services, or work processes in general.

You too can challenge the status quo by:

  • Identifying opportunities for improvement in your own work habits and procedures
  • Overcoming self-defeating attitudes toward taking risks
  • Acquiring skills for presenting ideas for change to others
  • Practicing techniques for handling objections
  • And developing plans for effecting change for continuous improvement

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