Improving Workplace Morale Through Performance ManagementHas morale at your team taken a nosedive? If so, here’s a proven performance management framework to get your team flying high again.


What’s really happening inside your team? Has one member hurt everyone’s confidence or drive? Or are current company challenges distracting people from their jobs and causing a slump in productivity?


Performance management works best where there’s honesty and openness. It’s important to encourage this in your people. You also need to set workable, understandable objectives. Make sure your team is SMARTER. That stands for:

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound, Evaluated, and Reevaluated

Give Regular and Clear Feedback:

Many managers, directors and even CEOs avoid feedback. They probably see it as criticism. But everyone benefits when they know where they need to improve and what steps to take to go about it.

Set Goals:

Make sure that all targets meet your company’s objectives. It should be clear to your team that their goals line up with your company’s goals.

Offer Praise:

Be sure to praise, reward and promote when objectives are met. Your team members must see that you also have an eye on their targets. The potential for a promotion is a real motivator.

Dissatisfied teams can seriously hurt any business. Great leaders are the ones who can build and successfully manage great teams.

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