Employee Assessments in Denver

Behavioral styles drive how we react to each situation and challenge that comes our way. Increasing awareness about your own style will help you understand yourself and how you interact with others. That is just one of the benefits of using the DISC employee assessments in Denver (or other similar behavioral assessments). Further value is realized in learning about others’ behavioral styles.

Imagine how much more effective you can be with your colleagues and employees if you learn to “flex” your communication style in a way that will be conveyed effectively! At Employee Development Systems, Inc. we use DISC profiles in many of our programs in the Denver Area. Over the years, we have seen amazing changes in workplaces where employees had never thought of their own behavioral styles or the styles of their colleagues. The shift can change an entire workplace and it’s ability to be effective. We can’t overstate the potential power of professionally administered employee assessments in Denver.

When people act and react in social situations, they exhibit clues that help to define their behavioral styles. You can identify behavioral style by watching for the observable aspects of people’s behavior — those verbal, vocal and visual actions that people display when others are present. Undirected, you could observe and try to catalog thousands of behaviors in any one person. That would quickly become an exercise in futility. But identifying behavioral style is possible by classifying behaviors on two dimensions: openness and directness. It is much like measuring a foot for a shoe; make it wide enough for the widest part and long enough for the longest part, and the rest of the foot will fit someplace in between.

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employee assessments in Denver

The ultimate reward for practicing flexibility is the establishment of trust, rapport, and credibility with others. This can be accomplished only in open, honest, tension-free relationships. When you treat other people inappropriately, it makes them feel uncomfortable with you and raises their tension level. And that is certainly counterproductive to any selling situation.

Accepting and understanding the fact that people are different and therefore need to be treated differently is crucial if you want to effectively sell your services to others. Go one step further and acquire competence in identifying these critical differences in people. The practice of sales flexibility will lead to less tension and higher levels of trust and credibility in all your sales relationships.

One of the bottom-line payoffs of employee assessment in Denver is better rapport with all your prospects. These improved relationships combined with greater sales productivity are powerful benefits for simply learning how to be flexible in working with different types of people.

Leaders with the most impact are those who can build and successfully manage great teams. We help our Denver based clients and colleagues achieve their highest levels of professional presence and personal effectiveness. That includes everyone on the ladder, from company presidents to project managers, to staff members.

EDSI is pleased to offer employee assessment in Denver using DiSC profiles and similar behavior assessment tools for the workplace.  Contact us at 800-282-3374 to find out how we can help you impact your own productivity and the productivity of your entire organization.