Master Conflict to Improve Your Professional (& Personal) Life

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Team members who trust one another are going to feel comfortable engaging in unfiltered, passionate debate around issues and decisions. There is a big difference between team members practicing healthy debate and conflict versus avoiding conflict or engaging in conflict that is destructive. During the Five Behaviors facilitation, team members agree to the guidelines and… Read more »

These 5 Behaviors will Build Your Team in 2016

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“My team doesn’t need the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team program – In fact, they’ve been together so long, they finish each others’ sentences!”  Over and over again, the word trust is used… and misused.  “Trust” implies something different to everyone! For highly productive teams – those that perform effectively, consistently over time, trust… Read more »

A Meditative Approach to Conflict Resolution

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You spend a large percentage of your waking hours with your colleagues and employees. You get to know their strengths, weaknesses, quirks and good and bad habits, so it is inevitable that moments of tension or conflict occur from time to time within the office. Managing many different personalities and dealing with difficult people can… Read more »

Workplace Bullying on the Rise

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More people are encountering bullies in the workplace, according to a new study from CareerBuilder, conducted by Harris Interactive. In a sample of more than 3,800 workers nationwide, 35 percent of workers said they have felt bullied on the job, up from 27 percent 2011. The Effects of Workplace Bullying Almost half of workers don’t… Read more »

Is Workplace Incivility Growing? Is Poor Leadership the Cause?

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Rudeness is an increasingly common problem in the workplace, according to a recent study. Researchers from Indiana Wesleyan University and Florida International University presented their findings at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association this month: according to the study, 86 percent of 289 employees in three Midwestern firms reported workplace incivility. From a… Read more »