Good to Great: The Measure of Exceptional Leadership

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Most people are actually somewhere between being a good leader and a bad leader, with the majority uncertain of the connection between their leadership and performance. A deeper knowledge of what good (or great) leadership is will then enable you to breakthrough and effect change in the performance of your team, organization or company like… Read more »

5 Practical Takeaways for an Effective Leadership Team

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Do you have a cohesive leadership team? Even the phrase “leadership team” is overused today when we see little evidence of trust, collaboration or working toward a common goal. Taking the time to build a cohesive leadership team will not only separate you from the competition; it will make your organization nearly unstoppable. A cohesive… Read more »

Coaching and the DiSC Assessment

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Taking a coaching mentality to your management process is the answer to many kinds of organizational ills. It is about making sense of complex experiences, unlocking a person’s potential to solving their own problems and is more often about asking good questions than giving right answers. If you want a commitment culture rather than simple… Read more »

How to Model Others’ Behavior for Increased Effectiveness

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Titles are granted, but it is your behavior that wins you respect. Leading means you have to be a good example, and live by what you say. This sentiment has been shared by all across the long history of leadership. Exemplary leaders know that if they want to gain commitment and achieve the highest standards,… Read more »

Get Your Team Engaged Today!

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Getting a handle on employee involvement will maintain the momentum your company needs. What does it encompass? Employee involvement encompasses the effort by management to include employees as part of a strategy to improve itself. Once employees understand that their input will be taken and honestly considered within the company, enthusiasm will proliferate throughout the… Read more »

Jump on the ‘Creative Workplace Wagon’

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We talk about “creativity” in business as thought it’s just a buzzword. In reality, bringing a bit of creativity into the mix can be the secret to success. You may think that in order to be taken seriously as a business you need to do everything with a straight face,  bust Generation X, Generation Y,… Read more »

Trust Is the New Currency

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The more we study trust, from an interpersonal and organizational standpoint, the more we see a deep connection between trust and communication. In fact, leaders often refer to trust, communication, and leadership as the three-legged stool of modern business. Communication falls squarely between trust and leadership! Communication is the thread that enables leaders to create… Read more »