New Graduates Want Career Development Opportunities

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Ernst and Young recently released a new study with some surprising results. Their polls showed that 41% of new graduates in 2011 ranked career development, such as strong employee training programs, as the number one most important characteristic for a future employer to possess. Salary and benefits, on the other hand, came in second place… Read more »

Give the Gift of Career Development

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Christmas might already be over this year, but it is never too late to give a gift to yourself that keeps on giving. This year, give yourself the gift of career development. And don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to strengthen your skills and get ahead in your career path…. Read more »

Career Development Tactics of Successful People

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If you are hoping to improve your career development and become more successful at what you do each day, you may wish to consider doing a little extra homework. Many business blogs, professional development newsletters, books, and even free podcasts address the topic of increasing personal effectiveness. A recent free podcast from the Harvard Business Review blog… Read more »

Career Development Lessons to Take to a Job Interview

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  In today’s uncertain economy with such a high unemployment rate, the stakes for a single job interview are higher than ever before. Yes, it is very important to come into a job interview demonstrating your knowledge and your professional presence. But it also helps to know what you might need to talk about. According… Read more »

Career Development Lessons From Steve Jobs

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Many newscasters, bloggers, and ordinary people have been in a flurry talking about Steve Jobs and his legacy since his recent death. Harvard Business Review Blogger Jeff Stibel joins the ranks as he writes that: Steve Jobs left a legacy even more valuable than his design ideals: he set an example for how to run your… Read more »

Career Development At All Levels

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Just as differentiated education is so important in grade school, meeting all students at their individual levels in order to bring them to higher levels, differentiated management is also important to employee achievement. The entry-level college grad is unlikely to need to be managed in exactly the same way as a 50-year-old middle manager or… Read more »

10 Tips for Talent Retention

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For a few years now, hiring has been sluggish in many industries. It may continue to be so for a while as economic fears continue. In fact, 70 percent of respondents to a recent Harvard Business Review poll believe that despite our current steps toward economic recovery, another recession is not far behind. Such perceptions make… Read more »

How to Hire the Best Millennial Generation Recent Graduates

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Graduation is rapidly approaching for a new class of college students, which means a huge crop of young professionals will soon be entering the workforce. The job market is looking up for both employers and job seekers from the millennial generation: research shows that more employers are planning to hire recent graduates this year than… Read more »

Implement Workplace Wellness Programs for Physical & Financial Health

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Don’t be too quick to dismiss your organization’s new health and wellness effort as just a passing trend. Recent research shows that workplace wellness programs maintained consistently over time save employers money in long-term health care costs. Highmark, Inc., Pennsylvania’s biggest health insurer and one of the largest in the United States, published a study… Read more »