Employee Development across the Generations

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Successful employee development across the generations can be summed up in one word: Customization. Openness to tailoring employee experience gives leadership the leverage it needs to effectively develop employees of all generations. Offer mentoring programs that are toggled to training programs. Break down stereotypes by organizing mentors by strengths and mentees by weakness as they relate… Read more »

4 Steps to Authentic & Effective Performance Management

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Effective performance management is a learned skill. Some managers have stumbled upon their best practices through years of experience, with trial and error. Wouldn’t you rather fast track your own performance management skills, and have more success than failure, right out of the starting gate? Consistently high performance often has more to do with the… Read more »

Practice Management Etiquette to Improve Professional Presence

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Most of us have long- and short-term career plans. They likely include attending particular training courses, getting a higher degree, or taking on particular projects that will fill out our portfolio. Suzanne Updegraff, author, business leader, and CEO of Employee Development Systems, Inc. has valuable advice when it comes to career plans: “With three decades… Read more »

Essential Assets for Improving Accountability & Professional Presence

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The three essential assets every company needs in order to succeed: people, capital, and technology. All valuable, but people are the critical component to success. They drive capital growth and technical expansion, or at least they should. The truth is, a company’s workforce needs care and attention to stay effective and consistently perform at a… Read more »

Self-Management and Your Personal Effectiveness

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What is the most valuable, marketable skill you can acquire? Self-management! Suzanne Updegraff, CEO, author, and business leader, can testify to that. For over 20 years she has been working with organizations to help their employees improve their professional presence, increase personal effectiveness, and become accountable for their own decisions, careers, and lives. In Suzanne’s… Read more »