Dear Suzanne: Communicating to Manage Performance

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Dear Suzanne,  A colleague of mine recently attended the EDSI Communicating to Manage Performance program, which has spurred interesting conversation at our Friday manager lunches. While my department didn’t attend, I’m curious about one of the concepts she has mentioned repeatedly. She called it the use of “I-Statements.” According to her, the I-Statement will help… Read more »

Communicate to Manage Performance: No Band-Aids Needed

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Performance reviews have become structured, dictated, and oftentimes the grading system given to them is so sterilized to avoid legal vulnerabilities that they are no longer helpful for either the manager or employee. Your organization likely has developed its own method, forms, and review cycle, which you may embrace or simply tolerate. All criticisms aside,… Read more »

Dear Suzanne: Is Professional Presence Really that Valuable?

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Dear Suzanne,  You and your company mention professional presence as a cornerstone of career and personal effectiveness. Although I think most people agree that dress codes can be a sensitive subject in the current cross-generational workforce, does it really merit an entire course? Sincerely, Greg A. (Dallas, Texas) Dear Greg, I’m so glad that you wrote… Read more »

Create an Action Plan Now!

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Goals without action steps to accomplish them are just dreams. We’re not saying that you should stop dreaming.  Instead, it’s time to turn your dream into a goal. That dream can only be realized by taking action. Ask any actor who seems to have become an overnight success. We didn’t see the years of acting… Read more »