Look in the Mirror for Effective Feedback

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Feedback is very much like the mirrors we see ourselves in every morning. Mirrors give us a true reflection of who we are. They do not lie and they do not sugar coat the message they deliver. True feedback can also hurt at times but it is important to get it regularly and give feedback regularly… Read more »

The Top 6 Reasons Managers Fail to Plan

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Some believe that planning is dead! They say that today’s environment changes too often and too quickly. Despite the disruptive and incessant pace of change, planning is still an important function in the workplace. A good plan provides a framework for organizing company resources and it provides direction for employees on how they can help the company… Read more »

3 Steps to Using the Generation Gap for Increased Productivity

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The behavior, traits and learning styles of four generations in one workplace create unique challenges to leaders and organizations. Industry leaders learn to leverage those differences. Employee Development Systems, Inc. provides programs that help all generations improve professionalism in the workplace and increasing personal effectiveness, giving them the tools they need to successfully communicate with… Read more »

3 Top Productivity Habits and Their Impact on Personal Effectiveness

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With our busy lives, we’re all looking for the silver bullet to increase productivity and personal effectiveness. However, beware of spinning your wheels with “busyness.” Legendary coach John Wooden said, “Don’t mistake activity for achievement.” Are you achieving or just lining up busy days with activities? Maybe you don’t need a new organizational system or… Read more »

Improve Your Personal Effectiveness with these Steps to Acountability

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Accountability is one of the most powerful tools in personal effectiveness, productivity, and professional presence. Here is a sample of our most popular articles on how to improve personal accountability in your life, career, and your organization. The Only “Real” Accountability Regardless of how important we say accountability is, organizations tend to only bring up… Read more »