What the Olympics Can Teach Us About Personal Accountability

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This week, much of the world has been tuned in to the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s inspiring to watch athletes in peak physical condition compete with the very best on a global stage. The discipline, commitment, and hard work that goes into just a few moments every four years is beyond… Read more »

Making Good Behaviors into Successful Habits

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Just as we’ve all had bad days at work, we’ve all had good days. Think of days when everything actually went according to plan, when you felt tremendously effective and efficient. Was it just the universe aligning, or did you have a substantial impact on your own success? It’s probably the latter. Choosing effective behaviors… Read more »

Four Habits of Credible Leaders

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Credibility is the cornerstone of strong leadership. If a leader isn’t viewed as trustworthy or dependable, his or her relationship with the team will suffer, leading to poor performance and a toxic work culture. Interested in strengthening your credibility with your team? Check out these tips from our Leading with Credibility program:   Believe. Credible… Read more »

Workplace Professionalism in the Age of Social Media

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When we hear leaders lament the decline of professionalism in the modern workplace, many times their complaints fall under the category of millennials and technology. Employees spend too much time on their cell phones or spend work hours on social media or chat. Yet in the age of tech, when successful businesses often have a… Read more »

Want Employee Engagement? Create a Culture of Listening

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It’s no surprise by now that engaged employees are the “secret sauce” to a company’s productivity, performance, and overall success. When team members feel invested in company culture, they find personal meaning in their work. This often translates to better outcomes as they’re more responsive to challenges and can foresee and head off potential problems… Read more »

Only Human: When Leaders Fail

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Leadership failure happens at times to everyone. From General Custer’s Battle of Little Bighorn to Abraham Lincoln’s less-than-impressive military career to Margaret Thatcher’s poll tax, even very high-profile, famous leaders suffered from some fairly major failure at some point in their careers. Failure in leadership can actually happen a lot easier than we think – even to those we see as… Read more »

Do Leaders Have Special Traits?

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Successful leaders have distinct traits that inspire their teams. They carry out their leadership roles with deep conviction and an acute awareness of the issues they and their team face on a daily basis. Above all, they exercise leadership as stewards, sharing authority with their teammates and affirming that leadership is primarily about guiding and modeling behavior… Read more »

Self-Esteem: The Key to Peak Performance

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Perhaps the most important part of the role that your psychology has in determining your performance and behavior is the impact of your self-esteem in determining everything that happens to you. Self-esteem is the critical determinant of a healthy personality. When you like and respect yourself, you always perform and behave better than if you did… Read more »

As Our Workplaces Become More Casual, Is Our Behavior Following Suit?

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In many workplaces today, “Casual Friday” has become “Casual Everyday.” Some companies have even begun a “Formal Friday” to target dressing professionally. Professional presence is vital to a company’s ability to get and keep clients. Poise, self-confidence and self-control make up professional presence. Here are tips from our “Professional Presence in a Casual World” program: Be Positive. A positive… Read more »