Mindfulness: It’s Not Just for Yogis!

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Mindfulness has become a buzzword in corporate vocabulary over the past few years, and for good reason. From parents to entrepreneurs to high-powered executives, many people have recognized the benefits of paying attention to their emotions, intentions, and strengths and limitations. More and more research indicates that mindfulness is a practice just as helpful in the… Read more »

Instead of Developing Leaders, Foster a Leadership Culture

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It takes an extremely “talented” leader to drive an already successful business into the ground. Think of all the times a Fortune 500 business names a new CEO; it happens more often than you’d think. Just in the past week or two, Time Inc., Weight Watchers, Etrade, and several other large corporations announced either the… Read more »

Is “Fit” Overrated?

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Often, workplace “fit” is cited as a reason for termination of employment, either from an employee herself or from a manager. “It just wasn’t a good fit.” Just as often, this explanation doesn’t really get at the heart of why the business relationship ends. It’s more than fit, usually; the employee wasn’t a good “fit”… Read more »

Leadership Style Series, Part 3: Transactional Leaders as Managers

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Transactional leaders are those who are more focused on the immediate, day-to-day goals of a group and its members. Rather than focusing too far in the future or inspiring team members to “think outside the box,” these leaders are less concerned with strategy or innovation than meeting benchmarks and maintaining the status quo. The Traits… Read more »

Leadership Style Series, Part 2: Transformational Leadership

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Transformational leadership is the heart and soul of any successful business. By being prospective and taking an inspirational and positive approach, these leaders are often considered role models for attitudes and ethical behavior for the group. Transformational Leadership Traits The four elements of transformational leadership, according to Dr. Ronald Riggio, can have a huge impact… Read more »

Leadership Style Series, Part 1: Two Types of Leaders

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In this three-part blog series on leadership style, we investigate the differences between transformational and transactional leadership: two styles that are both integral to the success of any functional business. A transformational leader is someone who moves a group forward, bringing change and evolving the group to a mutual goal. In comparison, the transactional leader… Read more »

Integrity in Leadership

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What we do, what we say, and what we say we do all add up to integrity. You have integrity in leadership if your word is your bond: your yes is a yes and your no a no. You say what you mean and you mean what you say, and you pay the high cost… Read more »

Three Surefire Ways to Sabotage Your Own Success

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It’s remarkably easy to fall back into bad habits once you’ve made a change. Whether you’re consistently late making deadlines or constantly feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your career, the truth is that a lot of your success or failure hinges on your ability to manage stress. Leaders who are able to manage stress effectively are… Read more »

Do You Know Your Personality Type? Here’s Why You Should

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At EDS, we begin our programs with the DiSC assessment to help managers and team members learn more about themselves and their personality types. Understanding your DiSC style is the key to managing conflict, leading with credibility, working cooperatively with others, and increasing your personal effectiveness. While it may be tempting to dismiss personality styles as corporate hogwash,… Read more »

Are Toxic Behaviors Threatening Your Team?

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We’ve all worked with people who just weren’t team players. What becomes obvious as the days and weeks pass is that even one person who exhibits toxic behaviors in the workplace can seriously impact the way a team functions. Often the best course of action is to address and treat ineffective behaviors before they seriously… Read more »