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The Problem with Neuroscience

meeting photoOur research suggests that neuroscience in business certainly adds a new viewpoint to the organizational content but cannot stand on its own. We have to conclude that neuro-scientific research takes away too much real-life organizational context in order for it to become a dominant tool for organizations. Ethical considerations (like viewing employees as resources that can be “fixed” or manipulated by science) are problematic for the workplace, and can eventually cause resentment or violations of privacy.

Principles of Exemplary Leadership: A Better Option?

Before you play with the shiny new fad of ‘neuroscience’ in your teambuilding, we would recommend the tested and proven Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership common to personal-best leadership experiences. We have extensively researched the use of these practices in the free market, which has a proven history of growth and success compared to other market systems around the world. The same tested and proven principles guide leaders mobilize others to get extraordinary things done in virtually every arena of organized activity.

You will find the same principles of exemplary leadership in profit-based firms and nonprofits, manufacturing and services, government and business, health care, education, and community service. You will find examples of exemplary leadership everywhere you look. our Although each example is unique in expression, every case follows remarkably similar patterns of action. Programs like Communicating to Manage Performance and Increasing Personal Effectiveness leverage these patterns to help your workplace attain an optimal blend of productivity, enthusiasm, and effective leadership.

Commitments of Leadership

Embedded in the Five Practices Of Exemplary Leadership are behaviors that serve as the basis for how leaders get extraordinary things done in organizations. Leaders with the most impact are those who can build and successfully manage great teams. Every day, we help our clients and colleagues achieve their highest levels of professional presence and personal effectiveness. That includes everyone on the ladder, from company presidents to project managers, to staff members. Contact us at 800-282-3374 to find out how we can help you impact your own productivity and the productivity of your entire organization.

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